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A good looking couple

The technique continues with more of the 16 portraits commissioned by Norman Taylor & Associates. This is one of my favorite. What do you think?


The Color of a Beautiful Woman.

Here’s another portrait just completed of an attractive woman. The color just intensifies her attributes.

If you ever need to go to India but live in Topanga in Los Angeles.

A few weeks ago my friend Marshal and I went on a photo expedition (fancy works for just driving around with our cameras) and he suggested we go to a site where there was this fantastic Indian temple. He said, “you feel liek you’re in another country and not in LA anymore.
The afternoon light was going quickly so we needed to get there before it would be too dim for any good exposures. As it turned out the late light actually made the environment feel even more serene and it had an extreme calming affect on me.

Here are a few photos that were taken within a half hour that afternoon.

A mother’s love is incomparable, uncompromising and unconditional.

Portrait of an attorney

Warhol would either be proud or pissed!

December 13, 2009 2 comments

I have been trying to find a way to do what Warhol had done – use a commercial technique in his fine art.
Well I have finally done that. Today, in this digital age, we designers use photoshop much as Warhol used stat cameras to transfer his polaroid pictures into fine art portraits.
I was commissioned to complete 16 portraits similar to that which I did for the patron requesting the series.
Here’s the first of them. Your thoughts..impressions?

Where Does All The Art Go?

December 10, 2009 2 comments

I was driving down the street last week and kept noticing the billboards as I past them and at one point wondered where do all these billboard messages and artwork go when their time is up?
I know from some experience that a lot of them just get covered over by the new messages and artwork but there’s so much stuff out there everywhere we look.

I wonder how much is destroyed and how much is taken down and winds up at someones house?

When I lived in New York City in the late 60’s one of my roomates worked for a billboard company and offered to bring home a billboard to put up in our hallway. We agreed it would be a terrific idea so the next day he unrolled a billboard of a giant womans face for something or other and we pasted it up. It was really interesting how most people loved the idea and the creativeness of the whole thing when they saw it.

After working in the motion picture industry I always wondered where those great giant movie billboards went after the film came and went. While working at Warner Bros. I saw most of the large prints just put in the trash.

Illustrator friends of mine told me that the artwork they had done for the motion picture company executives usually wound up eventually on their walls in their homes, framed!

I imagine these days we lose most of our creative billboards to the elements and trash which is a shame. Maybe someone should put together an art show of some of the billboards from the past as a project. Hmmmm, might be interesting as an outdoor event.

Here are a few examples of outdoor art in our daily lives:

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