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The Fine Art of a Lifestyle – last year, this year or any year.

January 27, 2010 1 comment

So, it’s 2010 and I’m sure many of you out there have been asked about your New Year’s resolutions. Right? I have been asked many times over the past month what will I do this coming year and I usually respond with something like “I’m going to really blow it out this year!”
I find it interesting how the start of a new year acts as a starting point for all new adventures and a time to just change as much as you can to get that much closer to your life’s goals. Why not just make sure you’re still on track from the previous years and add to your already winning abilities and daily functions and activities?
I know some people who just keep doing what there doing and just do it better and better and bigger and bigger and more of what’s been working for them.
There’s a friend of mine I can’t imagine really changing anything because he’s so prolific and busy he doesn’t even bother sitting done to reflect over the past year and start a new with drastic changes. He just continues to expand as a lifestyle.
The only this that I am doing more of this new year is living life as if it was my last moment and never looking back. Making every day count as much as I can. Just getting it done and getting it done as if my every breath depended on it. It’s a very intense time for me now and I’m enjoying it very much.
A lifestyle can be lived as though it is art can be a lot of fun and the outcome is usually very colorful and dynamic.
Try it!
My Best.

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