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Some people look good no matter what you do to them.


Have you ever noticed that some people just can’t take a bad picture?

This is Sarah. She happens to be one of those people. I’ve seen hundreds of photographs of her and not one in the bunch is a “lemon”. Really!

This is a digital portrait I just created from one of her wedding photographs. She has a way of looking into the camera with pure intensity. She’s like that in life as well. Very intense, fun and charming all at the same time. Now that’s an art.

As you can see, her eyes are her strong point as they pierce you and you dare not look away.

Photography is an interesting medium. Some people can pose and some just can not stand to have their picture taken no matter what you do. It is an invasion of one’s privacy to a certain extent as the camera never lies and it has a way of capturing the moment whether you’re ready for it or not. And, if you’re not comfortable and ready it will emphasize that even more.

Fortunately, Sarah doesn’t have any of those problems. All you need to do with her is point and shoot. She’ll make you look good as well!


My daughter Jessica’s Birthday!

February 27, 2010 1 comment

Happy Birthday Jessica!

This is a digital piece I did of my daughter Jessica.

Today is her birthday! We almost had our birthdays on the same day…missed by 48 hours!

She’s beautiful, smart and extremely able.

And…I’m very proud of her.

My Birth Day – You Light up…my Day (Happy Birthday to ME!)

February 25, 2010 1 comment

It happens to be my birthday today and I just want to thank you all for visiting my blog and sending me wishes for a kick-ass day. I’ll do my best and get back to you later!!! Here’s a fun photo I found – enjoy!!!

You Light Up My Day!

The Rocky Horror Picture Show – whose Lips are these?

Original Lips by Lorillie Goldberg

Here’s a little insider information about what have turned out to be some pretty famous lips.

These lips belong to a model named Lorillie Goldberg. You ask how I know this? Well, as it turned out I was the art director who designed the poster and had to find a model with perfect lips that would look good as a still photographic. The original concept came about from watching a screening the film at 20th Century-Fox before its’ release. One of the first things seen in the film are a pair of lips that fill the screen and sing to you.

When I saw that I immediately imagined a poster with the lips and the concept was approved as quickly by the studio. The copy line “A different set of jaws” came about because this film was release shortly after Steven Spielberg’s first major directorial debut of “Jaws”.

Original Motion Picture Poster

If Angels wore Tattoos and rode Harleys

"Where will my next arrow go?"

This piece of art was created by three artists using multiple media and over a period of 100 years.

The original painting was done by Bouguereau without tattoos and without the motorcycle.

The Tattoos were added as part of the

Anachronisms in fine art photoshopping contest

I added the motorcycle to complete the image as I would like to see it.

I think the tattoos bring something special to this cherub and offers an attitude not seen before but could express an alter-ego for these mischievious characters.

It’s not a stretch to imagine this angel climbing on the bike and roaring off in search of her next “victim” to cast an arrow towards.

With many illustrations on her body I suppose she would be welcome in any biker bar and most likely would find a sorrowful fellow to take pity on and sling a shaft towards.

My only hope would be that who ever the poor fellow happened to be looking at in the moment of the arrows penetration be worthy of his fall from “freedom” to a life of relationship “hell”.

Artists have a way of expressing themselves.

February 17, 2010 1 comment

This is by an artist at

I found this piece of art and wanted to share it with you. To see more of this artist, visit his site:
There really isn’t much to say here about this except how he captured erotic, passion and aesthetics all in one piece.

Nice, huh?

The Art of Communicating…really!

February 6, 2010 3 comments

Just say it.... There’s an art to communicating it seems between people that sometimes goes unnoticed. Have you ever been talking to someone and feel like the words are coming out but the meaning is something else? Like “hello, how are you?” and you think, simple question…right? Why am I hearing something else?

How about the time you asked for a “tall coffee” at your neighborhood Starbucks and the server behinds the counter says “coming right up”.. and you swear she thought to herself, “he’s cute, this job sucks!”

Then there’s that time you look at your girlfriend and she looks unhappy but says she’s just tired and you hear in your head, “I’m so outta here!” but ignore it because it just can’t be true.

I’m sure we can come up with lots of other scenarios that say the same thing – The words come out sounding like one thing and the real communication is completely different. I suppose emotion and personal PR come into play at some level but the truth can never hide for long no matter how hard anyone tries to keep it under wraps.

There really is a fine art to communicating with other people as I see it. It falls under different categories that we seem to make up; intimate  communication, public speaking, social interaction and of course the art of business relationships. How you tend to establish and nurture these methods speaks to how good you are with interpersonal relationships.

You can get away with almost anything socially and carve out a niche for yourself in business but when it comes to intimate communication the art of it becomes stripped down to its essentials – will you actually say what you mean and will the other person really get the message or will they get the dressing on the dummy in the window and walk away confused and bewildered.

Personally speaking, I have no more patience for small talk in my life. It’s a waste of my time. There’s plenty of social environment out there either at parties, gatherings and on the web to visit that form of discussion. I’m more interested in the raw gut talk that says what it means. That’s just me. If you want to say something to me that’s personal, go ahead and say it or don’t waste my time. After all, I usually get the message anyway as most people seem to telegraph their thoughts anyway and if you’re bright enough and aware enough to “pick them up”, well you’re gonna get it anyway…right?

So, what is the message here about the fine art of communication? The message is to look at who your trying to get the message to and deliver it with as much aesthetic and truth as possible. It seems to be a dying art. I’d like to see it revived.

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