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Hats off to England – The Royal Wedding

Yes, it was hailed as the wedding if not the event of the decade or century. But, as I watched my recorded version in the comfort of my own home I realized this was much more than your average royal wedding.

The Brits took full advantage of the event to show the World “how it’s done”. They are one of the true monarchs with history in these manners and know how to put on the picture perfect show for all the world to experience. And, everything was done perfectly to the time-table created. I can only imagine the amount of rehearsals and drilling that was done to take everything into account and not let a single part go unconsidered and thought out.

From the tented entrance to the car waiting for the bride as to hide THE DRESS from everyone to having police escort thousands down the road to the Palace after the wedding to witness the “Kiss”, of which another was added to make yet more history.

Technology played an extraordinary part in this event as cameras were placed strategically in the Abbey to give the World a first hand view of the Bride and Groom as seen by the Queen herself and there were a number of visually striking angles that took your breathe away.

Only a nation with long history and decades of hard-won and cherished traditions could put on such an event to announce to the World that there are roots in our culture that will always makes us smile and are more than worth taking all the time and energy to perform and place in history for all to remember and some to say “I was there!”

Hats off to you Brits and well done!


Hat Trick

Last year I went to my first rodeo in Utah and was amazed at how those cowboys were able to stay on the horses and bulls for more than a second. After the event I took some photos of people wearing cowboy hats as well as a series of just hats stacked up for sale at one of the keosks selling them.

I turned it into a painting and gave it to a friend as a birthday gift.

It’s the modern day way of having reference to paint from instead of standing there for a day and copying what you see.

The trick is to take a good photo and convert that into a worthy representation.

Did I do it justice?

Cropped Photgraph Used as Reference for Painting

2011 Art Time

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