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Well, it’s time to paint again. It’s a very strange thing to be going along and then one day like a bolt of lightning it hits me that I need to create more art.

I’ve decided to do a series of paintings that I’ve had as digital ideas for a few years and stop wondering what I should do next. Just do the art and get back into the “habit” of being a fine artist. That feels like a healthy idea and a very productive thing at this point of my life.

This is the first image I’ll be working on. Let me know what you think. I call it TV-Cows! It’s based on a photo I took in Aruba. This cow sculpture was sitting on top of a restaurant with a antenna sticking out of the top of it. Strangely amusing!



What is inspiration for an artist?

September 2, 2009 4 comments

This is a question that has puzzled me all my life because of two primary reasons; does an artist have an idea for a piece of art or does the artist become inspired to create because of something or someone they’ve come in contact with?

For me personally, sometimes I can just look at a person and envision what kind of artwork would be fun to create or maybe I’m in a beautiful environment and the whole place just seems like I’m walking around in a painting. Those kinds of places make me just start taking photographs. Maybe that’s why people like bringing home lots of pictures of their vacations.

I also usually will always be inspired by seeing other artists work in galleries or their studios. If I like the artwork I usually come home and within a couple of days I’m right into a new piece.

For years I’ve seen beautiful paintings as portraits of people that were generally either their relatives or close friends. Once I went into the Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena and found a painting of a young boy done by Rembrandt which according to the description was his son and was not a finished piece. It was a remarkable painting. It has that quality of “this is just a study” as well as being a “labor of love.”

Picture-11I’ve seen many other artists who use their family members as subjects and create portraits that are truly beautiful works of art. There is a fine artist from Spain who makes fantastic portraits of his daughters.

A few years ago I decided to try my hand a oil painting and slowed my process way down in time as a trial of my own talents to see if I could paint a portrait in somewhat of the styles of the masters. I needed a subject. My son became the likely candidate. Now in these modern times most artists that I know usually won’t ask people to “sit” for them as they did before we had cameras, so I took a photograph of my son and started from there. max-blog2

From the photo I projected the image onto a large canvas and sketched out the image until there was enough information on the canvas to start painting.

I was patient with myself and concentrated on color and likeness as the photo was a pretty straight forward look of my son Max.

I recognized why family members are used at times as it is an artists visual diary of his family and family members are easy to ask and very willing to help .

This was one of my first paintings of this technique and it did take much more time to complete than I generally like to spend on my art. But time was not in the equation for this exercise. Style and passion were the two ingredients for this particular inspiration.

There are things I like and I don’t like about the piece but I do have it hanging in my office and my daughter in law wants it at some point so I’ll take it as a successful project.

MaxblogI have tried a few other portraits but in different styles as I’ve decided for me that the portrait can be defined by how the artist wants to portray the person. Different strokes for different folks.

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