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What Inspires You to Create?

Sometimes I wonder what inspires people to do creative things. Is it going somewhere new? Discussing a topic of great interest to you? Remembering inspiration from the past?

I always seem to get inspired when I see other artist’s work. Going to galleries and seeing something so new and fresh really gets me inspired. The other day I was walking down Ventura Blvd and went into a gallery near Laurel Canyon Blvd and the artist there had a very creative combination of images and typography. For example; a silkscreen of the American Express card with the card name “American Excess” done as the logo on the card. Quite a statement.

Beauty inspires me. People in photographs or paintings or just very aesthetic surroundings.

The Mountains above Park City, Utah

Thank goodness my iPhone takes very good photographs. This was taken from my car.

What inspires you?


The History of Art!

I found this on the Web and just thought I share it with you. Sometimes it’s the simple things that communicate the best.

One word says it all

Typography as art is something I learned way back in the day while living in New York City in the 60’s. I believe it’s a bit of a lost art form.

My experiences with type and graphic design have been many from designing title treatments for motion pictures to constructing headlines for consumer ads. Words do convey information but how they are presented can give them far more style and meaning.

The type face here is Edwardian Script. It’s been around for a very long time and is used on invitations and for anything else with a formal or elegant message. I’ve added an extra stroke or two in the flourishes as well as color to convey the word “reach”.

Excellent Video Art

A Magical Cat’s MEOW.

The Cat's M E O W

This is Chili. Full name: Chili Pepper. She’s a very nice, affectionate kitty that had lived with me and now lives with a fellow worker and has children to play with.

The technique is photoDigitalArt incorporating typography for additional design elements.

There is something magical about this piece. If you print it out and rub the four letters each three times and spin your body around four times while holding the printout above your head and shake it vigorously all at the same time, listen carefully and you will hear a “meow” sound coming from behind you.

Try it.

Get Some Space!

March 22, 2010 1 comment

Meanwhile back at the gravesite…

March 10, 2010 1 comment

Devotion knows no limits

This is another photo from the other story from a few days ago.

A wider angle so you can get the idea of what people see when arriving to pay their respects to loved ones.

The headstone says Laurence Matheson. I wonder if he knew his wife was going to do this before he died.

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