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3,000 people are about to bid on this painitng

September 8, 2011 1 comment

Burning Desire - oil on canvas - 24 x 36


Look around and find something to paint.

September 8, 2011 1 comment

For quite some time now I’ve been noticing ordinary things that can become interesting pieces to transform into artwork. I was given a bunch of colored pencils wrapped in a rubber band and I imagined it as a large colorful painting. For months I’ve been using toy squirt guns to shoot water at a cat to remind him to stay off the kitchen island. They are very colorful and have almost a ray gun quality to them. I’ve finally decided to make oil painting sketches of the guns and here are the first two. Hope you enjoy them.

Oil on canvas board - 11 x 14 - Toy squirt gun #1


Oil on canvas board - 11 x 14 - Toy gun "squirt"

The History of Art!

A mother’s love is incomparable, uncompromising and unconditional.

Where Does All The Art Go?

December 10, 2009 2 comments

I was driving down the street last week and kept noticing the billboards as I past them and at one point wondered where do all these billboard messages and artwork go when their time is up?
I know from some experience that a lot of them just get covered over by the new messages and artwork but there’s so much stuff out there everywhere we look.

I wonder how much is destroyed and how much is taken down and winds up at someones house?

When I lived in New York City in the late 60’s one of my roomates worked for a billboard company and offered to bring home a billboard to put up in our hallway. We agreed it would be a terrific idea so the next day he unrolled a billboard of a giant womans face for something or other and we pasted it up. It was really interesting how most people loved the idea and the creativeness of the whole thing when they saw it.

After working in the motion picture industry I always wondered where those great giant movie billboards went after the film came and went. While working at Warner Bros. I saw most of the large prints just put in the trash.

Illustrator friends of mine told me that the artwork they had done for the motion picture company executives usually wound up eventually on their walls in their homes, framed!

I imagine these days we lose most of our creative billboards to the elements and trash which is a shame. Maybe someone should put together an art show of some of the billboards from the past as a project. Hmmmm, might be interesting as an outdoor event.

Here are a few examples of outdoor art in our daily lives:

What’s better than a painting studio at the beach?

September 23, 2009 6 comments

What’s better than a painting studio at the beach? Not a whole lot for me. I’ve been walking around telling me wife I’d like to have a place to paint at the beach for years and then I got a call from a friend who says another friend of his is looking to rent out part of his loft space so he can start his fine art career and would like me to come and share it with him!

Wow! Not too bad, huh? And, I know the guy and his work and we’ve even got the same “think” about how we want to eventually just be fine artists and slide away from commercial graphics but never seem to “just do it!”

I spoke to him on the phone and then went to see the space and it’s perfect! I won’t get into too much detail here, but let’s just say within a month I’ll be gettin’ pretty dirty with paint and sand!

Here’s a few pictures of the place…

Blue door on teh right is the entrance and that's the beach far left!

Blue door on the right is the entrance and that's the beach far left!


21st Century Angel

September 16, 2009 Leave a comment

OK. The idea was to paint a modern day rendition of an angel using a friend who agreed to pose for a photograph that I could paint from. It’s a very difficult conversation to have with someone whose known you for many years as an art director/creative director and to say you’re just going to try something out a little unusual and see how it comes out.

He was fine with it.

I had this strange image in my head of an angel wearing a black t-shirt kind of holding out his hands gesturing for the viewer to come forward onto his welcome arms.

The photo came out fine.

The painting was done in oils as I was shooting for a classical realistic style and was more or less practicing that technique on this piece. I’m very pleased with the highlights on the arms and hands as it seems to have a rim light effect.

I had many different backgrounds but settled on a yellow sky and clouds in the background. I nailed the likeness of my subject and friends that have seen it immediately know who it is.

The one thing that I wanted to do was put a symbol or phrase or word that would really finish the piece and give it meaning, and to this day I haven’t been able to come up with it.

If anyone out there has an idea for what should go on his t-shirt, please let me know. I don’t feel like it will be completed until that’s done. Maybe it’s a portrait of the devil in red face? That might be an interesting dichotomy.


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