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The History of Art!

I found this on the Web and just thought I share it with you. Sometimes it’s the simple things that communicate the best.


Join and get the Card today!

“Creativity” is what these words are really all about.

Easy to read groupings of words.

One word says it all

Typography as art is something I learned way back in the day while living in New York City in the 60’s. I believe it’s a bit of a lost art form.

My experiences with type and graphic design have been many from designing title treatments for motion pictures to constructing headlines for consumer ads. Words do convey information but how they are presented can give them far more style and meaning.

The type face here is Edwardian Script. It’s been around for a very long time and is used on invitations and for anything else with a formal or elegant message. I’ve added an extra stroke or two in the flourishes as well as color to convey the word “reach”.

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